Televisit is a lightweight, web-based, medical application. It was designed and developed to seamlessly integrate videoconferencing with the benefits of patient management, shared health records, medical device integration and scheduling. Televisit facilitates meaningful interactions between patients and doctors, where a diagnosis and outcome can be determined based on the provided readings and responses.

To promote the growth and adoption of telemedicine, Televisit bypasses many of the current limitations of accessibility by providing a cloud-based solution that strongly adheres to the bring-your-own-device methodology. The benefits of this being that any internet connected device with a web browser and camera can become a medical terminal.

Televisit frees physicians to carry out consultations on their own time, from any location. For patients this provides an instant terminal in any home that has a suitable internet connection coupled with a compatible devices.

Reducing upfront costs associated with telemedicine by focusing on tools that open up accessibility and availability, allows Televisit to provide a software and service that can be rapidly deployed and scaled to meet changing demands. This approach reigns in costs that have traditionally hindered an organization’s ability to deploy and build their own telemedicine networks.

With the proliferation of EMRs and other record systems, there is a growing bottleneck of information systems that lock data into silos. This has led to applications being built that can either partially communicate with others, require extensive workarounds and integration, or force doctors into one system.

Televisit was designed to be open. It is not meant to replace larger and more robust EMRs but does provide a central location to store all the immediate information gathered in a consult.

The information stored is designed to be easily exported, transferred or imported into larger systems, while ensuring that the information stored can be easily shared between doctors and patients.

Televisit was built with the belief that in order to encourage patients to actively maintain and update their medical records, with daily readings and information, the patient needs to have a true sense of ownership of their health record.

Televisit focuses on providing a simple and intuitive user experience that encourages patients to take an active role in the maintenance of their health data, by providing them full access to their personal health record. This record is shared throughout the network with all authorized users.

This methodology ensures that doctors are always up to date with the latest data, allowing them to remotely make informed decisions on their patient’s health.

These health records have the added benefit of being a valuable resource for the patient, as they can quickly and easily access their entire medical history from their phone, tablet, etc.

"The goal of Televisit is to not only make telemedicine a practical and readily accessible service, but to promote and encourage the use of telemedicine by actively creating features tailored to both sides of the usage paradigm
– patients and doctors." - Jeremy Brouillette, Managing Director, Medical Applications


Telemedicine – as a niche market – has been around for over a decade, but failed to take hold as solutions struggled to provide the necessary tools, keep costs reasonable and gain the user’s trust around the concept of remote medicine. There has been a marked shift in user’s perceptions surrounding telemedicine. Coupled with the rapid advancement in technology, and the widespread adoption of cloud-based services – Telemedicine is finally poised for incredible growth and adoption as a viable channel for delivering medical services.

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in telehealth
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Quick set up and ease of use make it ideal for medical professionals
that provide services to remote populations.
Regardless of when and where, Televisit brings the clinic to you.

Streamlined Scheduling

Built in scheduling helps clinicians and teams coordinate, track and create appointments with patients. Easy at-a-glance check of availability and the month’s upcoming appointments. Calendar views allow the clinician to jump right to a patient and start sessions.

Personal Health Record

Creates a personal health record with authorization capabilities that allows the data to be shared among clinicians. Ensures that all clinicians are using the same and most up to date data. All health records are HIPAA compliant and HL7 compatible. All data is secured via SSL and RSA 2048 bit encryption

Device Connectivity

Supports wired and wireless integrated medical devices that can be controlled remotely, also allows for automatic data entry into the PHR. Supports bluetooth, serial and USB medical devices.

Live consult

Live face to face virtual consultations. Supports HD video streaming for devices ranging from PCs to tablets to medical devices. Only requires a compatible web browser. All video and audio feeds are encrypted and secured.